When working with Zap, our fine attention to detail shines through every experience. Through our creative process you will be supported and empowered as we work together, leaving you confident your project will take you where you want to go.


The plan to outshine your company’s niche. An effective strategy outlines your positioning in the market, identifies your competitors and audience, then guides the direction for creating a brand that will attract your ideal client or customer.

Brand Identity & Design

Brand identity includes everything from your logo, fonts, colors and messaging. These visual elements are influenced by your strategy to create a memorable experience for your business, keeping you top of mind when they make a decision to purchase. This identity then carries through to your design collateral like business cards, trade-show banners, email marketing materials and social media content.

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Packaging Design

The bar for packaging design is constantly being raised. In order to stand out on the shelf and draw the consumer’s eye, the design of your packaging needs to stand out. We specialize in compliant packaging design that reflects your brand in a unique and effective way, elevating the experience of your brand.

Website Design & Development

Your website is one of the most effective tools you have as a business, this should be more than just a brochure of your services. We ensure your website is an extension of your brand that clearly communicates why you’re the best choice. From landing page to full-stack development, we’ll create an effective solution for your business.


Our Academy specializes on equipping you to elevate your brand presence. Learn how to effectively manage & market your brand and equip your design team to master their design skills.

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