FFUN Group
Drive Nation
Saskatoon Volkswagen
What We Did

Flyer concept and design
Vehicle wrap design
Billboard design

Project Description:

The FFUN Group approached us to help with a few projects and an overflow of work this past summer. Here is some of the work we did for them.

VW Movement Campaign

The Saskatoon VW Movement campaign was intended to create awareness and excitement of Saskatoon VW’s big move to their brand new dealership.

Embracing the heritage of VW and the culture behind the brand, we used an old VW van to play on the nostalgia so many of VW’s customers love and appreciate. The van is loaded with Saskatoon VW’s staff, showing the fun and friendly care you receive when visiting their dealership. This element was used in multiple forms of advertising such as print ads, billboard and the microsite.

VW Movement Microsite

We created a microsite for the Saskatoon VW Movement Campaign to create awareness of the move and support the campaign. The microsite has had a great influx of traffic and has supported their new move very well!

Saskatoon VW Movement Microsite

Print Ad

We also did a variety of print ads for a local newspaper. Using similar styles, this was also a precursor to the the campaign to prep people for the visual styles we were planning to use for the campaign.

Flyer Concept and Design

Drive Nation was looking for a new concept for a flyer drop this past summer. The flyer for was conceptualized and designed with purpose. We went with the concept of “Your Search Ends Here,” to show potential buyers that they don’t need to look further, Drive Nation has what they are looking for. Taking inspiration from their logo, there is an “X” subtly placed in the backdrop to show that “X marks the spot.” We wanted to be witty and interesting, but also communicate that they can fill the needs of their customers.

Drive Nation used car dealership flyer front 'Your Search Ends Here'

Word Search

The goal with the flyer’s appearance was to make it look clean, simple, and free of “clutter.” This enables the viewers to easily read and process the information more efficiently. We played on “Your Search Ends Here,” concept by adding a word search to make the flyer “FFUN” and interactive, while also getting the viewers to learn the company’s benefits.

Drive Nation used car dealership flyer front 'Your Search Ends Here' wordsearch

Vehicle Wrap

For the Collision Centre vehicle wrap design, we used FFUN’s chevron logo to look as though it was colliding into itself. This was done to tie their brand to the Collision Centre, so that the viewers could easily identify what the company was offering.

FFUN group collision centre dodge ram 1500 wrap

BMX Start Gate

We created the BMX advertising piece for “FFUN in the community,” which was displayed on the racing gate in Martensville and Warman.

Junior Dirt bike start gate FFUN Motor Group