High Born
What We Did

Business Card Design


Photography: Juli Labrecque

Project Description:

High Born is a business that took inspiration from the founder’s newborn son. In the pursuit of finding exceptional baby products, they took notice of the demand for high quality and intuitive baby products in Canada. This factor motivated them to start their business.

In designing this brand, we wanted to tell their story through a storybook-style of writing to create a heartwarming and personable feel. This project is still on-going and we can’t wait to create more pieces with High Born.

Along with compelling storytelling, vivid imagery, and simple border elements, the brand is luxe, yet personal.

Logo and Colour Development

The jewel-styled logo is derived from the facets of precious stones, which was inspired by their tagline – “Because they are precious.”

Taking colours from the Rococo movement and styles inspired by the Royal Family, we created a classic, yet modern tone for High Born.

High Born logo development and variations

Website Development

A landing page has been created to generate some buzz about the brand and their products while the company is getting their inventory together. A supporting serif font was added in the headlines to contribute to the storybook feel.
Full website coming soon!

High Born Website