Milkin’ More
What We Did

Logo Development
Packaging Design
Pamphlet Design
Brochure Design
Trade Show Display Design
Shipping Box Label Design
eCommerce Website Design and Development
Business Card Design

Project Description:

Milkin’ More, formally known as SKTN Mini Eats creates products that help mothers with breastfeeding, postpartum recovery and overall nutrition. The name SKTN Mini Eats didn’t lend well to growth as it didn’t capture the essence of their products. After a brainstorm, we came up with the name Milkin’ More. Milkin’ More’s owners Jaclyn and KJ desire to create products without any preservatives and unnecessary ingredients, which led to the tagline “Made with love and simple ingredients”.

Logo and Color Development

We landed on using a combination of Mohr and Intro for the font choices over a milk drop shape. We wanted to keep the logo both playful and conceptual. By keeping the logo colours neutral, this left room to use different colours in all of the other creative elements.

Warm Grey

Packaging Design

We had a blast creating patterns and using a wide variety of colours for their ever-expanding product line. The wave under the logo is a touch conceptual relating to the flowing motion of liquid as well as the general child-birthing position, which stands out for the labour cookie packaging.

Pamphlet and Brochure Design

The goal here was to create promotional material that was both informative and visually interesting. Milkin’ More had the privilege to work with a very talented local photographer to take some fantastic product shots.

Trade Show Display

With a bold logo and eye-catching photography, we created banners and a back drop that grabs your attention from across the room.

Business Card Design

We chose to build this design on a clear plastic card to tie in the “filling” concept as well as the packaging design. These cards have been proven to leave a lasting and memorable impression. So fun!

Website Development

The next step was to create a website that could grow with their business, that is easy to navigate and informative for the uses of each of their products. We created separate categories pertaining to the different stages related to pregnancy and childbirth. This has helped users navigate as well as make informed decisions about which products to purchase. We utilized their delicious photography and subtle animations to bring this website to life.

Milkin' More Website