What We Did

Business Card Design

Project Description:

Pace-It is a new on-demand courier company that needed a full brand strategy and identity. The courier market is very competitive and we wanted to set apart Pace-It in a unique and functional way.

Logo and Color Development

The logo design is a box over a shoe’s tread mark to relate to delivery, and the lettering is off-set to create a sense of movement.

Blue with green accents were chosen for the main colours because they communicate trustworthiness and freshness. Lively colours were used to give an athletic feel to relate to the active nature of being a courier.

Logo variations for the courier company Pace-It


A clear, concise visual was created for customers so they could understand the delivery process of Pace-It. To add to the theme of motion and movement, we created alternating custom graphics and copy while also giving the viewer a visual that is easy to follow and understand.

Pace-It Infographic process

Graphic Elements

A key part to Pace-It is the “Pacers.” Pacers is the term given to the people who deliver for Pace-It. They can use different forms of transportation including walking, biking, and driving. We wanted each form of transportation to look unique with different colours and motion patterns.

Pace-It Pacer transportation styles

Van Wrap

With the large amount of driving a courier company does, a vehicle wrap is a fantastic way to advertise. Backed with the bright “Pace-It” blue, you can’t miss this van driving around town!

Website Development

Utilizing all of the brand elements, the website has a simple layout that portrays organization and cleanliness. Along with block elements playing on the different package sizes, we wanted to graphically show the tagline throughout. 

Pace-It Website