Plant Life Workshops
What We Did

Business Card Design

Project Description:

Plant Life Workshops is a business created by the founders of Zap. They host workshops on how to make and care for succulent terrariums. They wanted to create an inclusive experience for everyone to participate in, that would bring a sense of enjoyment and encouragement. The goal of the brand is to be inviting, fun, colourful and empowering. 

Logo and Colour Development

We chose to use the business’ name as the logo, because it is both literal and metaphorical. It communicates to the public that the business is in the plant field, but also that by partaking in the workshops it “plants” life, excitement, passion, and meaning into your life.

We chose bright colours with vivacity because they catch the eye of the audience. These colours communicate feelings of happiness and playfulness, and inspires the audience to be creative.

Plant Life Logo colour variations

Custom Icons

We went with a simple and clean-looking icon design to visually represent each aspect of the business.

Plant Life Icon set

Business Card Design

The terrariums are created in round glass bowls, so we wanted to use this aspect in the business cards to be unique and to leave a lasting impression.

Plant Life opaque/clear plastic business cards

Website Development

The website is an extension of the brand. We used simplified designs with colourful photography and clean graphics, enabling the website to be user-friendly, easily navigated, and easily read.

Plant Life Website