Speaking Engagments

Would you like Zap to lead a workshop or speak at your next event?

Our team is well-versed in giving talks and conducting interactive workshops on branding, marketing tactics, packaging design. Our goal is to give your audience a value-packed presentation with key takeaways they can apply to their business.

Local Events & Workshops

01 Requirements

  • Let us know of the impactful topic(s) that would help your audience
  • Market the event, and be confident that a reasonable amount of people would attend
  • Setup the online platform being used for the event

* Currently we are only providing virtual workshops and presentations

02 How we help

  • We will create an Eventbrite page or share yours
  • We will promote the event to our audience
  • We will assist in creating any promotional materials needed
  • We will deliver a value-packed presentation for your attendees!

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